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Wichita | KS | ICT

Here's Our Story

It's much more than just soap. 

Contemporary science and ancient knowledge have helped us all become aware that the mind and body are intimately connected. As such, our approach is holistic and eclectic; due to our inclusion of essential oils, careful selection of ingredients, symbolism, techniques from wisdom practices and science. All inspired by what nature has offered us.


Our philosophy is to fully embrace the mind + body connection by sharing knowledge with techniques that we have learned and experienced ourselves. We want to show everyone how to benefit the surface level (the skin) while also connecting to the creative, deeper mind for a truly empowering experience.


It is our hope that you become inspired by your experiences and more connected to yourself. We believe that a truly successful company will empower all those around them. This will always remain our philosophy, and our purpose. Thank you for reading and taking interest in our products. 

-The AOT family.


Art of Transfoaming Philosophy

Our awareness of large amounts of toxins in our environment, with a particular focus on home and body products, left us with a desire for healthier options. With this in mind, we began making our own unique soap formulations using only plant and mineral-based materials. Becoming more self sufficient was part of our inspiration as well.

We believe anything can be used as a tool for something greater than its commonly perceived purpose. Even something as simple as soap. We decided early on that we wanted to bring the power of the mind into the use of our products.