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Why the name “Art of Transfoaming”?

January 19, 2017

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How to be Inspired Everyday

February 23, 2017



“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” 

- C. S. Lewis




Being inspired is often a feeling that arrives unexpectedly, although we can recreate it any time we choose. However, enduring the daily grind may not always leave us feeling inspired, which is why we sometimes need to make an effort to achieve this wondrous state.


“Inspired” may be a buzz word today, which can sometimes cause it to lose its meaning. So why stay, or become inspired?


A better question could be—what if Isaac Newton, Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Copernicus, or Da Vinci never became inspired to pursue their interests? Might be a little disconcerting to consider. Our world is always in need of more inspired individuals.


The following are 8 ideas that can be included in your life that can increase your daily inspiration levels:






Random acts of kindness. While doing them is best, viewing and hearing about them may help balance your perception of people, and see beyond perceived limitations. While necessary, media outlets tend to focus on undesirable human behavior. Nonetheless, it is important for us to see how people can channel their inspiration, which in turn, can inspire us.


Read Your Favorite Quotes, affirmations, or short stories, in the morning, and when you go to sleep. These are times when your subconscious mind is more receptive, and messages can get deeper into the mind and even help change your mindset. I have affirmations and quotes on every wall of my home for this purpose.


Learn Something New. Determine what interests you. Reading about a subject that you want to learn more about, even if just a few pages a day can have an impact. Take classes, hands-on learning is invaluable, and can increase confidence. We can learn new skills anytime; our brains are wired for it. Neuroscientists call this neuroplasticity which works well into our aging years by the way!


Go outside. Even if it’s only a short time. We may not all have beautiful scenery around us, but it’s possible to find a place that is enjoyable. Our planet is the source of numerous healing qualities (plants/air/water/minerals), getting reconnected with the outdoors is highly beneficial, and calming.





Breathe, rhythmically and smoothly. How many times have you heard, or read, that we (on the western hemisphere) do not know how to breathe correctly? It is said that breathing more deeply, inhaling through the nose, in a consistent rhythmic form, can calm anxiety and stress, allowing us to think more clearly.


 Watch TED and TEDx talks. While there are countless lectures and interviews on the internet, TED talks are usually relatively short, and you can watch them for free. There are talks on just about anything you can think of. Many people find them inspiring and informative. There is probably at least one talk discussing everything in this list.


Do Activities You Love. In our adult lives we can push aside those activities that provide us with the most enjoyment. If you love playing a sport, have unfinished art or writing projects, or enjoy spending time with your family, make time to do that! It is something you love for a reason. If you don’t know what that is, it is never too late to discover it.


Make a List of Accomplishments. It does not have to be pages long, and avoid comparing yours to anyone else; it is only for you. We have all overcome challenges and obstacles, and sometimes we need a reminder. Next, your future list of accomplishments, feel as if they are already done, then, start doing them. Arguably, it is only self-doubt that we allow to stand in our way.


There are numerous other ways to become inspired as well, but whatever inspires you, take note of it, and repeat it often. We all have the ability to create the lives we truly desire. It starts with the mind, and what we allow it to focus upon.


Thank you kindly for reading, wishing infinite inspiration to you daily :)






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