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Wichita | KS | ICT

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Why the name “Art of Transfoaming”?

January 19, 2017

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Master Your Shower Experience

February 23, 2017


“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” 





We can easily and naturally achieve the alpha, or theta brain wave state while taking a shower, or bath. The same brain wavelength activity happening during meditation, also known as the "flow state" by athletes and other high performing individuals.



What is unique about the alpha state of mind is how allows you to be receptive to information from your subconscious (which accepts everything in our surroundings; we cannot consciously). And may explain why we get those brilliant shower thoughts!



The alpha and theta state occurs most often when we are calm. I know, to be calm when you are trying to avoid being late may seem impossible. Nevertheless, more reason to simply relax, and enjoy this time to yourself. Furthermore, there are numerous studies that show meditation is highly beneficial to our brain and general health.



We have come up with 7 techniques that you can apply to make your washing experience more powerful- through using your mind’s natural receptivity while showering to your advantage. This is precisely how our products are designed to be used, achieving advantages well beyond typical usage.




1. Use your favorite affirmation(s). Repeat throughout your shower. There are known studies on the effectiveness of using affirmations to increase test performance in students, showing results that they do affect the way we think positively.


2. Search and find music that uses subliminal messages and/or binaural beats (there are hundreds on YouTube- PowerThoughts Meditation Club has many good ones) for a specific purpose of your choice, for instance- reducing anxiety, or increasing confidence. Relax, and play it while in the shower, or bath.


3. Create your own mantra- or prayer. Akin an extended affirmation, and is easy to do with a little bit of thought, and creativity. One I use with the Nigredo soap is “bring to my awareness all that I need to know”, or "wash away all that is toxic to my mind and body."


4. Simple visualizations, such as the following, are subtle yet powerful:

Imagine the water is sparkling, like clear crystal, as it runs over you, and any feelings of stress are washed away. You can imagine stress as a gray or black color emptying out of you into the drain if you like. Visuals like this one is designed to mentally “cleanse” you of stressful thoughts and emotions. Feel free to get creative and tailor one to your own needs.


∆ Note: Visualization is extremely powerful and has been used for centuries. It is what many say what Einstein was referring to regarding the imagination. Many athletes, public speakers, and successful entrepreneurs use visualization techniques.      


5. Be mindful, and present. Enjoy this time you have. Relax and feel the warm water falling on you. Feel every pleasant sensation, every smell, emotion, and thought. This is a good opportunity to become more connected, and internally self aware.


6. The shower is an effective time to be grateful. We all have someone, or something to be grateful for. Having a mindset of gratitude has been studied and shown to improve people’s moods and performances on tests and other stressful activities.


7. Lastly, if you feel like you may end up taking a longer than needed shower- set a timer. This will allow you to enjoy your time more fully while making good use of your experience without worrying.


We hope you find your entire day becomes more pleasant beginning with these methods. If you try them, which we recommend ;) please feel free to share your experiences with us too, we would love to hear about them!


Thank you kindly for reading, and wishing powerful showers to you all,


















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